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WM Group was founded at the turn of the century, in the year 2000, with the main purpose of providing the best medical devices worldwide. Originating from Hong Kong, the group has seized the major opportunity China has to offer and expanded operations in South China. Due to the fact that WM Group is deeply trusted by customers, it has received a huge amount of order.


However the freight forwarding companies sometimes are not able to provide the most excellent service, which has been an inconvenience for our clients. WM Group then decided to establish new logistics services for our clients – WM Logistics services, newly been developed in 2021, which consists of a team of senior specialists, supported with state of the art IT solutions, is committed to design your customs processes as simple as possible, minimizing risk, controlling cost and optimizing customs clearance time.

WM Group is going to join forces with five leading ocean freight consolidators, laying the foundation for the development of Cargo World Network. It is the leading regional operators in maritime consolidation, cooperating on unified standards, providing their customers with coherent, reliable and environmentally friendly, global transportation services.


The partnership extends beyond daily business, fostering exchange and cooperation in fields of strategy, procurement, information technology and other industry challenges.


Through its dedicated partners within the Cargo World Network, WM Group is able to provide its customers with global consolidation services at unified service standards, beyond the ports where WM group has own import and export LCL operations.

Personalized delivery

We manage the cargo flow in line with client’s demand patterns.


Today’s market reality makes it critical that you remain in control of the destination and speed of your shipment at all times. However, your deliveries still need to happen at the lowest possible costs.


We offer new way that let the you manage the cargo flow in line with your demand patterns. It enables you to store your goods closer to key markets until the time is right for you to deliver the order. You can then transport your goods directly from our hub port with unmatched speed and reliability to the destination of your choice.

Complex process? No, thanks!


Complex booking, overbooking nor price uncertainty makes people feel mad. Now, you do not need to worry about it at all. WM Logistics services join forces with reliable ocean freight consolidators, and we’ll take care of everything for you, giving you the best experience.


The best after-sales services

Even after the order has been completed, we still closely track any requirements of the customer, for any problem that may occur to our, we will solve it as soon as possible.

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